1325 Aerotech Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109
P: 573.636.6111
F: 573.636.9767

Equipment & Capabilities

Screw Machine Services:
  • Brown and Sharpe, Acme, Greenlee, and Conomatic screw machines
  • Single-spindle automatic screw machines with capacities up to 1 5/8 inch bar stock
  • Multi-spindle automatic screw machines with capacities up to 2 5/8 inch bar stock
  • Operations:  form turning, drilling, reaming, boring, counterboring, burnishing, thread rolling, cut Threading, Form Threading (Tapping), Single Point Threading, Knurling, Broaching, Cross Drilling, Recessing, Straddle Milling

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CNC Machining:
  • We utilize CNC turning and milling equipment for both primary and secondary machining operations
  • Operations include: drilling, keyway cutting, milling, slotting, tapping, turning, threading, and boring, in addition to several other operations
  • Several of our Vertical Machining Centers are capable of machining travels of 40 inch wide, 20 inch deep area. Two of our machining centers can accommodate 60 inch wide, 30 inch deep area.  Material size can exceed these dimensions
  • Slant Bed Turning Centers have a 1 3/8 inch bar or 6 inch chucking capacity

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Punch Press Services:
  • Punch press capabilities varying from 20 to 125 ton
  • Mechanical presses with a capacity of 60 to 125 ton
  • Hydraulic presses from 20 to 110 ton, including a Piranha Ironworker
  • Presses are used for primary and secondary operations
  • We use both coil fed and manual feed operations
  • Operations: perforating metal, louvering, shearing, staking, & notching
  • We do a variety of aluminum, copper, and steel with various widths, thicknesses, round or custom shaped holes

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Shop Press Services:
  • Press capacity of 120 ton
  • Opening is 54 inches wide
  • Presses are used for primary and secondary operations
  • Operations: used to remove or replace bearings and other press fit parts, as well as to straighten shafts, form bends, and perform the final step in assembling components

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Electrical Power Distribution Leads & Bus Bars:
  • AeroMet has a full production line to manufacture aluminum and copper leads for use in electrical power distribution.
  • We specialize in flat aluminum and copper leads
  • The leads are cut to a custom length in various widths, with or without punched or machined holes.
  • We also offer bending as a secondary operation for the leads.
  • Bus bar is made to custom lengths, flat or round. Round stock can be provided with or without external or internal threads.
  • Lead materials range from 0.030 inch to 0.75 inch in flat bar aluminum and copper and up to 1 inch round materials. Larger sizes can easily be accommodated.
  • We work with volumes of 1000 series aluminum and 110 copper. Other alloys are available.

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Welding & Robotic Welding:
  • TIG, MIG, Stick, and Gas type welding available for custom fabrication and repairs
  • Capable of a wide range of projects involving a number of repair services over a variety of industries
  • On-site welding is available depending on the job
  • Stainless welding is available for restaurant equipment & commercial kitchens
  • Panasonic Robotic Welder available for mass production

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