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Welding Services

AeroMet offers TIG, MIG, Stick, and Gas type welding services. Welding services are supplied on demand, primarily for custom fabrication and repairs. When a customer’s equipment has a breakdown, we provide the repairs to return the equipment back to service. Our experienced technicians have completed a wide range of projects involving a number of repair services over a variety of industries. In addition, we offer stainless welding for restaurant equipment and commercial kitchens.


Typical repair jobs include:
  • Replacement of worn bushings by gouging, cutting, or grinding, then welding
  • Straightening deformed structural members
  • Repairing cracks by “veeing” out and welding
  • Freeing seized bolts
  • Removing broken bolts
  • Replacing stripped threads
  • Repairing industrial and construction equip
  • Furniture (such as barstools, patio furniture, etc.)
  • Trailer hitches
  • Repairs to aluminum boats
  • Shelving repairs

On-site welding is available depending on the job.

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